Hemplith Flex hemp fiber insulation

Hemplith® Flex hemp fiber insulation

Hemplith Flex is an ecological high-performance insulation made from hemp fibers. This product offers excellent protection from the cold and especially from summer heat. Its fine-pored structure also absorbs noise very efficiently. Minerals have been added to improve protection against fire, fungi and insects. Hemplith Flex is the first 100% insulating material with the best environmental performance in its category. Wherever sustainable, flexible and climate-neutral insulation is used, Hemplith Flex has advantages over conventional insulation materials.

Versatile material for living comfort

Hemplith Flex are insulation mats in 60×110 cm format and various thicknesses made from technical hemp fibers for roof insulation, wall insulation and sound insulation. They are approved for all compartments.


Quick and easy to install
No irritation and/or itching during installation
100% recyclable material
Excellent thermal insulation (d = 0.039 W/m.K)
Humidity regulation for a more pleasant living environment
No offgassing of additives in the living environment – VOC A+
Hemplith Flex is easy to cut and can be clamped between roof beams.
The regulating effect of Hemplith Flex can be used optimally.

Partition walls

Thanks to its sound-insulating and moisture-regulating properties, Hemplith Flex is also particularly suitable for drywall construction or roof insulation in houses, apartments, public buildings and offices. Hemplith Flex can be combined with Hemplith building boards / lightweight building boards, as well as with wood fiber boards or Silentlith acoustic boards. Thanks to their special moisture regulation properties, hemp fiber insulation boards are also an excellent complement to lime and clay plaster.

Technical data

  • European Technical Approval ETA-06/0274
  • Density kg/m³ 40
  • Thermal conductivity (nominal value) W/m.K 0.039
  • Specific heat capacity J/kgK 1700
  • Diffusion resistance factor μ 1
  • Average fire behavior EN 13501-1 class E
  • Dimensional stability Maximum mass change +/-1%
  • Thickness tolerance class T2
  • Fungal resistance according to EN 846
  • Thickness mm 40 50 60 80 100 120 140 150 160 180
  • Dimensions panels mm 1100 X 600
  • Hemp fibers (+/-85%) and binding fibers (+/-15%)

Processing tips

All standard cutting materials such as insulation saws, serrated saws or band saws can be used to cut Hemplith Flex.

Hazard warnings


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