Hemplith Universal LDF


Hemplith univeral building boards are an environmentally friendly, healthy and formaldehyde-free solution especially for drywall construction. These panels are based on straw, an annually renewable raw material, which makes them particularly sustainable. They are primarily designed as non-load-bearing wall cladding or plaster base and are ideal for interior construction using the dry construction method.

As low-density, versatile building boards, they score points with their light weight and excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. These features make Hemplith univeral boards attractive not only for drywall construction, but also open up possibilities for use in related areas such as furniture production and the packaging industry. However, the focus is always on sustainability and health-friendly construction methods.


Product information


Processing guidelines for Hemplith univeral boards in drywall construction:

  1. Preparation: Before starting work, it is important that all the necessary materials and tools are available. The panels should always be dry and clean.
  2. Cutting: The Hemplith univeral panels should be cut to the desired size using a suitable sharp tool, such as a circular saw. It is essential that the panels are cut in such a way that the butt joints can be offset to ensure optimum stability of the structure.
  3. Installation: The Hemplith univeral panels are attached to a substructure, which usually consists of metal or wooden studs. They can either be screwed or nailed in place. Make sure that the screws or nails do not penetrate too deeply into the material and damage the surface.
  4. Butt joints: The joints can be smoothed with a joint filler and reinforcing fabric.
  5. Surface treatment: After installation, the Hemplith univeral panels can be further treated as required. This includes painting, wallpapering and plastering. Before each treatment, the panels should be prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Safety measures: When processing Hemplith univeral sheets, it is always necessary to take suitable safety measures. This includes wearing protective clothing, including gloves and safety goggles, as well as a dust mask for dust-intensive work.

Please note that these instructions contain general information. The exact processing instructions may vary depending on the manufacturer and product. The manufacturer’s specific instructions should therefore always be consulted in order to achieve optimum results.


Handle fiberboards according to the pictogram (included with delivery).
Do not apply the boards when damp, allow them to dry.


Hemplith univeral boards must be stored horizontally and dry on solid surfaces in ventilated buildings.

Hazard warnings


Technical data sheet:

Download technical data sheet vH-LDF fiberboards

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