Hemplith hemp building board


The building board is an environmentally friendly, healthy and formaldehyde-free building board for indoor use. It consists of hemp and straw (annual renewable raw material) and minerals. It is used as a non-load-bearing cladding panel or plaster base and is suitable for interior finishing (e.g. living and damp rooms) and planking.


Substrate preparation

The substrate must be load-bearing and free of loose old coatings; existing unevenness or protrusions should be evened out.


Hemp panels can be glued to existing walls/ceilings or screwed/bonded to timber studs after the application of permeable reinforcing mortar. When screwing the panels together, the edges must be pre-drilled; normal drywall screws can be used. Thermal bridges must be avoided. As a drywall panel, it can be processed with conventional processing machines and commercially available materials. Please observe the respective processing guidelines. In addition, the relevant standards and the generally recognized rules of technology apply.


Handle hemp cladding panels according to the pictogram (included with delivery).
Do not apply the boards when damp, allow them to dry.


Hemplith building boards must be stored horizontally and dry on solid surfaces in ventilated buildings.

Hazard warnings


Technical data sheet:

Download technical data sheet Hemplith hemp building board


Formaldehyde/AgBB K 8158 FM – Certified

Fire behavior K-2301/185/19-MPA BS

Mold K 8892 FM

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